Examples of Usage

Point of sale elements, signage, etc.

California Lottery Logo

Used prominently in Point of Sale elements and signage at retail locations, the Lottery logo serves as a simple and clear identifier that lets consumers know that Lottery products are sold there. Below are a few examples of some of these uses. Note that the simple use of the words "PLAY NOW" both identifies that location as a place to buy tickets and subtly encourages consumers to play the California Lottery®!

POS Examples

Corporate stationery

Stationery is meant to be first and foremost “official”, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be warm and inviting. Below are a few simple examples of typical stationery items.



For many Lottery events and promotions, merchandise is produced that helps to reinforce the California Lottery® image. Whether it’s a shirt worn by a Lottery employee at a sponsored event or a keychain given away to consumers during a promotion, we want the logo to be the “hero.” Below are a few examples.

In some instances, you may be limited to the number of colors you can use in a logo. For example, you may have a limited budget, and a 1-Color logo would be less expensive than a 3-Color version. Below is an acceptable example of how the 1-Color logo is used on the hat.


Play Responsibly 18+

Play Responsibly 18+ usage sample

Possible Usage List

  • Print Ads
  • Mass Media-TV, OOH, Banner ads
  • California Lottery® owned media (PWS, ePOS)
  • Corporate Communications
  • Website/Microsites
  • Email communications (eBlast, Jackpot Alerts, eNewsletters)
  • California Lottery® Retailer publications (sell sheets, RPP)
  • Consumer publications (HTP brochures)
  • Coupons/Vouchers
Play Responsibly 18+ usage sample

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine the Possibilities usage sample

Possible Usage List

  • Print Ads
  • Mass Media (TV, Websites), Lottery Social Media Sites, Banner Ads
  • California Lottery® owned media
  • Corporate Communications
  • Consumer publications (Education brochures)
Imagine the Possibilities usage sample