Brand Overview

The story behind the logo

Countless companies, organizations, properties and events around the globe use a logo as a way to capture the essence and ideals of their brand, and the California Lottery® is no exception! This corporate logo was developed to convey what the Lottery is “all about.”

Well what is the Lottery all about, you might ask? The Lottery is about possibilities. Fun. Entertainment. Optimism. New starts. Getaway vacations. Or just getting away. The Lottery logo conveys all of these things. The logo is warm and inviting, and when consumers see it, we want them to smile. It has a distinctly “California” feel to it—a bright sun that the Golden State is known for, and a cool blue “L” that makes you think of blue skies or the ocean.

Accompanying the “Sunny L” image is “calottery” which is a simple and conversational way to identify the Lottery.

We encourage you to use this logo to proudly support and reinforce the Lottery name and brand. OK now let’s go on a road trip with the logo, using this guide as your map!

calottery logo