Brand Objectives

The goal to using the new brand guide

A brand and logo can only be successful if there are some simple, effective guidelines set up to assist in how to use and apply it. That is the purpose of this guide!

OK, you are probably thinking that your last homework assignment was in high school or college and you’d like to keep it that way. Don’t worry! This guide includes extensive content on how to use the Lottery brand and logo, as well as the individual game logos, but you may find that you will only need certain info for a specific use. Or, you might have a simple question, and hopefully this guide will provide a simple answer.

What do we hope to achieve with this guide?

Somewhere between your know-it-all cousin and your gossipy neighbor…except this guide won’t wear a bathrobe out in their yard past noon.
Remember those Looney Tunes® cartoons when Bugs Bunny attempted to plunge from the high dive into a bucket of water? Like that… only easier.
Consumers respond to clean, simple, clear messages. Think of this as a freshly Windexed window.

You might be thinking that slapping a logo onto a coffee mug or poster isn’t that difficult, so why the big guide? For the most part, it should be pretty easy. But because there are countless possible uses of a logo, we want to cover all of our bases.

We can’t anticipate EVERY POSSIBLE use of the various Lottery logos, but we think we have covered most of them. Let’s take a look…